Note: To those doing Ministry

To my friends doing ministry: it’s not about the numbers. We have to get this. He cares about the one sheep. Yes, he cares about the 99 but he cares about the one, rejoices about the one even more so because it needs to know that God loves it. God is personal. Ministry; campus ministry more specifically to who I’m speaking to; is personal. God’s relationship with us is personal and individual as well as a holy collective love of all. On your campus you are one person,a part of the great One body of Christ. But you must not let fear take over and think that ministry is about numbers. You are not a number of a person attending a club meeting. Quantity doesn’t necessarily equate to people getting it. We will never truly know another heart therefore this cannot be our focus. Large numbers get us excited but they can’t be what keeps our fire burning. 

The moment that you engage with someone with the love of God, and they receive the Jesus Love that you are giving by the will understand that it’s only about the One. One at a time. The ONE on one.
When we do this across our campus-each of us that believe-we are making a difference to the Ones.  You can do that at your locker,at a lunch table, you can do it hand-in-hand with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can do it sitting at your desk’s, you can do it in speaking with your teachers, you can do it all the time. Being fishers of men,casting your nets is an important thing to remember but focus on this: you are the net. God is in you, therefore you are the net. Anyone who interfaces with you is interfacing with the love of God. It’s so cool. Don’t get caught up about numbers. It is a process. You are a process. We are all on our journey with God. God loves us.

Recall Jesus saying “I am the Vine, you are the branches..” Remember that the branches don’t grow over night. They take time.
PS if you ever feel discouraged about the fact that you are not increasing in numbers just remember that God may be increasing you before He increases more of you.

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