The Road to Christ

It’s funny how you think you know everything there is to know about life when you are around 21. Each year following that year I’ve found that I know less and have become less certain about everything.

Everything but Jesus Christ.

Everything that humans claim may be debated. Whether it be about how the world came to be, how humans came to be, or whether we are the culprit for destroying our planet; all can be debated because no one has first-hand proof of anything. Even if a person has proof that something happened, unless they have a witness, and even if they HAVE a witness; it is still debatable. We are such a deceived people! But, I suppose this is not news to God. It certainly has always been the case. Even Thomas; who is portrayed in the Scriptures as a doubter; wanted to see the scars in Jesus’ hands and side to prove He was the resurrected Christ. Even Peter; who is also portrayed in Scripture as Jesus’ biggest fan; denies him to common people that had recognized him as a friend or follower of Jesus. One would think that if they actually met the Messiah; and knew he was in the presence of the Messiah; there would be no denying being a friend or even a follower of Jesus.

So why are we so uncertain of everything? Are we just so deceived from the absolute truth? So many today claim there is no absolute truth. But, that can’t be. It is absolutely true that I am typing on this laptop right now, because I’m witnessing it. I’m doing the typing and I am watching my fingers click away at the keys. If there are some things that are absolutely true, than we are accepting as a fact that there is absolute truth.

I can only assume (as a Believer in God) that things are going exactly as planned.

In my personal experience, I have realized that there is so much uncertainty and that seems to be ok with God.

So many want to find the truth, but they are not willing to let God own the truth. They believe that humans are so supreme that at some point in the future; although the time is unknown as well; we will know the truth through scientific evidence. This may actually be true. But, we also cannot see the future. We do not know that all of our “evidence” we have found along the way that create our theories about things are going to stand the test of time. If a great peril occurs on this planet, there is a chance that all will be destroyed. Can you imagine a new generation that starts from scratch that has no clue about the technology that we’ve discovered? It makes you wonder where all the information that satellites in space are holding will go? Would humans someday discover the information and not have a clue what it is? Or will they discover that previous generations were more advanced? Such cool stuff to think about.

I think science is amazing. But, I also think that it is lacking because it is discovered by humans, and humans err. That does not mean that science never proves anything. But, it does always go back to people believing either something they can see, or something someone tells them to believe.

I find it very challenging to believe something that a human being tells me that they haven’t seen with their own 2 eyes. Concepts and theories are very intriguing, but just because they make some sort of sense because they are linked to other theories that make sense does not make them absolute truth.

They are still theories. Ideas. Wonderings.

Eyewitness news is the only thing that can truly be pondered as possibly true with exception for the deception factor.

Why do we deceive one another? Why do people tell lies that only create more mistrust?

Again I say, none of this is happening on accident.

This is why I am on a walk to Christ.

Eyewitness news is all I have. My own eye witness experiences. I can read scriptures and be confounded by the pictures in the pictures that have been woven into thousands of years of random accounts of random people. This is one way to witness something for yourself. When you read stories that were written by completely different people, at completely different times, with all different characters, and yet the stories keep telling the same story as well as revealing an even bigger story that would not be understandable without the entire manuscript. That is just cool. But, still, these are words on a paper. People do not just believe words on a page.

I am walking with God and calling on Him for my life because of what He is revealing to me within my soul. To a non-believer, this sounds nutty. I totally get it. I used to feel very uncomfortable when people spoke of spiritual things. Over time though, I have asked God (whom I’ve always believed existed) to reveal to me the things that He has for me to know.

The rest is history. Or His Story.

I have had eye witness experiences of amazing things, but I won’t bother this post with any of them because they were for me to experience and I cannot prove them outside of  my words. I don’t need to. They have only deepened my faith. But still, it is a faith story. I cannot prove anything to anyone. I have to be ok with that because God doesn’t need me to prove anything. He just wants me to do what he created me to do. Love.


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