Lord, please bless these words.

May we please set aside gay marriage discussions to discuss Jesus?

Oh how I love Jesus of Nazareth, the One Who came in flesh with the Spirit and Presence of the one God of All things.

I love him. I love what He did for me and for you.

Why are we fighting about gay marriage? Our moral convictions are to be held within us and to fight the temptations of the evil within each of us. Those without the moral convictions or those who choose to go against heterosexuality are making their own choice. Why do those who are railing against gay marriage believe that it is their job to force people to follow the Law?

But, so hypocritically, why is homosexuality so hot on the presses all the time for Christians?

I believe that it is because of fear and mustard seed sized faith. Folks that are believing Jesus to avoid the hot seat of hell seem to have trouble planting their mustard seed. Holding on to their mustard seed of faith, causes them to continue to cling to the Laws of God that Jesus came to free them from. It’s like, we forget that we are just like every other sinner. In Jesus, we have a HOPE, but we are not perfect in human form, nor will we ever be. If we care more about being perfect in who Jesus is inside of us, the outside will get by just fine. God will fight the flesh for us. But, if we don’t dig a little deeper and plant our seed of faith, we get stuck worrying about “following the rules” to stay “saved”. That’s not what Jesus wants for us. It’s just the Law-which was good and still is good, but it is NOT better than Jesus or Salvation. The Laws were and are in and of themselves good things, because God said they were. But, God also wanted us to see that our righteousness could not be found in the Law, because we would continue to fail the law. His Law is perfect, but He knew perfectly well that the human flesh would not be able to follow laws in their own strength.

Therefore, we realize God was telling a story that is still not finished.

But where are we in this story and why does gay marriage continue to be the harped on topic of moral sin?

We are at the point of Jesus being the freedom from the law of sin and death. His Holy Spirit is in the process of moving in and through the lives of those who Believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course that does not nullify the Law of God. Of course it doesn’t. It does not make doing “bad” things justified. Anyone who has experienced the Holy Spirit changing their life knows this. But, I am sure that all in this category would agree that the renewal and transformation of the mind by the Holy Spirit happens in God’s time. But, how can we be Believers being transformed and continue to sin? Wouldn’t that be contradictory to God? Sin is contradictory to God. Well, God made the Laws that prove that we are rotten and incapable of perfection. Jesus came to bring an end to eternal separation from God because we cannot follow these laws (which He knew all along, but wanted to show this glorious story someday).

So, now, although sinning is not good, it is forgiven in God’s eyes through Jesus. As His Holy Spirit enters the life of a new believer, and that Believer matures in the reality of God’s eternal Love, they begin to want more of God and less of the sin lies the adversary tells them they should have in their lives.

Being gay, or having homosexual sexual relations is just one sin that God said was not what he created humans to desire.

But, why are we still focusing on this sin?

I think I’ve figured it out. Abomination is a scary and shameful word, isn’t it? The truth is that holistically, most humans do not have a sexual desire for the same sex.

It is EASY for humans to pick on a sin area that they do  not struggle in, isn’t it?

That’s why gay marriage is a hot topic. People are being sin bullies.

Why aren’t people picketing about idolatry? Why aren’t we trying to pass laws about the gods that people make out of everything but the One true God? Even Christians will admit this. We covet things, even as we are on our journey of transformation into the true knowledge of God.

The Holy Spirit allows us to see this, and when we say that we want God over those things, things start to change and we can see our covetousness and believe that Christ will help us say NO to it and continue walking in freedom from acting on those sinful desires.

We cannot be free from sin’s power over us without walking hand in hand with Christ. We have to want Jesus Christ’s saving grace over our sinful desires.

That’s the only way to combat sin, and even then we will fall short. Jesus Christ himself knows this and died for this.

Why aren’t we spending more time harping on men and women being lustful or sex addicts about the opposite sex outside of a loving marriage or while they are in one? Why???

Because, most of us know how that feels and we know that only God can help us deny those desires. We that are not having gay desires don’t know how that feels, so we just focus on it being wrong. That is a shame on us!

What are we to do? I plan to keep on listening to the Holy Spirit and asking It to weed out my tendencies to be me the sinner. I want to be more like the part of Jesus that is living in me. But, I know that I need God, because without him…well I’ve already seen what that is like, and it ain’t pretty.

I’ll keep sharing the Gospel message. That is what changed my life, and the Holy God of all will continue to do that. I’m just going to continue to love people as Jesus said we should (and most of the time it feels really good to love people) and share about Him. That’s what I am called to do, and that’s my Father’s business. I would love to help people with advice on the sin areas they struggle in. But, it wouldn’t sound like most do these days. It would be like: :All I can tell you is that if you want God more than you want your sin, He will work it out. Just keep wanting Jesus and his healing hand, and his power to get past your tempting moments. His promise is true.”

I believe with every square inch of my being that God, the One True God cares more about the condition of our Spiritual walk, than about the sins we commit. He has already taken care of it. And, if we are walking with Him in this life, He will guide us, convict us and continue to unconditionally love us every day we live and breath-until “it is finished” becomes an eternal reality to us.





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