Cherry on Top

People are the cherries on top.

My friend was struggling the other day to find that she’s unconditionally loved. I told her to call off the search.

Unconditional love is best left to God. He’s the best at this as He is the ultimate master.

We…have yet to perfect this in our human condition. Spiritually, we have it down to a science.

But, in our frailty we can’t do it. We want more. We want less. We want different. We want the same. We want we want we want we want.

In God’s perfection there is no need for this. And because His spirit is within us we have perfection in this department only on a spiritual level.

The needy part of us is human. God is using it for sculpting and planning but he certainly knows that it is unnecessary. That’s the point!

He is all that we need, but we get to have a lifetime; long or short to crawl our way back to the fullness of knowing that He is all we ever needed.

This is our choice. The choice to believe that Jesus is constantly calling out to us to let go of worldly acceptance and grab a hold of his hand of great Grace. It is not that we are punished for choosing the world, but rather that we aren’t getting it yet when we still crave the world’s applause.

I am still traveling this same road-so I have no perfect plan. I can only say that I do know the truth: God is the ultimate Everything and in Him is real life.

All else is just experience.

Once this is understood truly, we can enjoy the loves of this life. The husbands, the wives, the family and the sweet children we have: they are the cherries on top.



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