Coming to Terms with Stance-A Ramble

I have an entire lifetime to come to terms with where I stand. Stance on any topic is subject to change, especially over time. We have opportunity, over the years, to grow and reshape our views based on our history. We change our views on many things because we, ourselves, change. Therefore…our views or stance changes.

In regard to my faith stance, I do have an entire lifetime to shape and reshape the areas of tension. Areas in the scriptures that leave a lot to the imagination or leave a lot to be implied or subjects that were not beat into the ground-those are areas that I will grow and reshape my stance on over time.

However, my faith in Christ is already decided and firm. Although many many many people do not share in my stance, including many that I love and respect, my stance won’t change. It won’t change because something within me has brought me to this place.

Scripture says that Christ’s free gift of salvation is for the weary, brokenhearted souls of this Earth. It says that those who are not aware of brokenness within themselves and this world will not know Him. Plain and simple. It refers to the proud. In their defense, they have no use for Christ and His salvation. It makes perfect sense actually. I never chased God until I felt I needed Him. Till I felt I could not make it, in this life, without reaching for something more than life or people in the world could offer me.

I have had no issue, regardless of difference of opinions, having faith in Christ. I have no question in my mind that He was real, that he healed, that he was prophesied or that he died and was resurrected.  I certainly DO remember wondering about these things when I was growing up. I can also tell you distinctively when this wondering stopped. I remember when I was utterly weary and worn, brokenhearted and empty that I felt and heard something inside of me imply that God was not finished with me ..despite my wayward situation I had dug myself into. After that, I was too stunned by God’s grace to wonder about the details of Christ’s birth, life, miracle and death/resurrection.  I have continued to live in this place since.

As I grow in my faith life, I am searching for answers because to be completely honest, a mysterious God out there in the Universe is not enough for me. It used to be. But, now I live with a yearning need to know more.

Although I’m a Believer and agree with my pastor that the word “Christian” is tainted and almost a word that I don’t want to use in our culture, I have found the truths and evidence behind the bible and Holy Scripture to be the closest thing to finding what people like me were after thousands of years ago.  I can’t help but feel connected to the Christian faith and the stories that scripture tells us. It parallels our lives and culture so much that I find so much wisdom in it.

I will risk sounding like a fool to say that I believe that scripture is and was written on purpose and for a purpose.

I know people think some things are impossible and far-fetched-especially stories of a God that has people swallowed by whales, an Arc built for a flood, and Himself coming into this world as a man to demonstrate His love and sacrifice. It IS far-fetched. Yes it is. But, I believe that God CAN and WILL do anything to reach people. He is a far-fetched God. I know and fully take the burden of possible criticism for believing something far-fetched.

The scriptures also tell stories of love and forgiveness, and give narratives and stories of actual events from long ago-that I find fascinating. The lives of people chasing after God is a gorgeous thing because they aren’t in it to gain anything but an eternal, more-than-this-world knowledge and relationship with their Creator. I think that’s just incredible.

I will leave with this-something I read in my search to understand more about what is going on today…

“It is interesting to put all this into perspective and see that conviction-less churches are usually empty churches. Emerging churches, from what I have seen, are not attracting as many people from the culture as you might think. The ideology of compromise is not that attractive. Why go to fellowship with other believers under an umbrella called “few convictions.” On the other hand, churches that have strong leaders with uncompromising convictions are full churches these days. This does not mean that we don’t show grace in the non-essentials, it just means that we don’t have to place all non-essentials on the altar for the sake of unity. We can have strong conviction about non-essentials as well as unifying under the essentials.”-Michael Patton

Searching blindly, full of grace….


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