The Problem with Jesus

Many times in life we get into something. We try new things. Sometimes we may pick up a new hobby, but often times we set that thing right back down at some point. Usually this happens because things just don’t stick, or things that we do with our lives or our time are eventually… a waste of our time. 

Say you try water skiing. That can be fun. It may be something new and exciting for you to try and hopefully not kill yourself doing. You may first spend time learning the sport, watching others because you want to see how they do it. Next you attempt to actually get the ski’s on and get into the water. You spend several times just trying to get UP on those bad boys, right?! But….oh my…after you get your legs adjusted to the balance and the ebbs and flows that come with slicing your way through water… you have found your rhythm. You get up and bask in the amazement that #1 you can do this and #2 that this is fun and energizing! 

Ok. Fast forward 20 years. You may still enjoy water skiing, but for the most part, you’ve probably picked up golf by now, or the occasional racket ball game. 

We get bored. We get tired. We get tired of trying. We get…out of shape. We certainly aren’t losing sleep over this! It is part of life. Who says you have to water ski your entire life? You are more than welcome to try new things, and even more welcome to not like water skiing if you so choose. 

The problem with Jesus is… you don’t stop. If you stop, than you really never started. You can’t un-Jesus yourself. Once you realize that God has called you to Himself you can’t undo the calling. Trust me. I spent years and years running from the one doing the Calling. But, once I woke up to my need for God and His Love, things have never been the same. I can tell you that I’ve struggled though a ton of life so far. I have. Before I was a believer though, my struggles were different. I was always looking for a way to cover it up, fix it, or root myself in someone so that I would no longer be broken. Being a person of faith does not change the struggles in this life. There is no LESS struggling. But, struggling alone does end. The Holy Spirit living in the heart of a person who knows and loves God is different about struggle. She trusts. She believes. She Knows that somehow these things are happening or being allowed to happen because she will be changed through her circumstances. 

The problem with Jesus, is that He doesn’t get old and you can’t shake Him off like an old habit. We can’t give up and get back into the place we were before we believed. Maybe that place felt good sometimes because of how dark this world really is. Maybe sometimes we WANT to go back there because being refined…is hard. Its not fun.  

That’s the problem with Jesus. It’s not like anything else on this earth. Nothing. You cannot go back nor can you give up. You just CAN’T. When I say can’t I don’t mean that we are not allowed. I’m saying we have  nothing in us that will separate us from the love of God. 


Even if we wanted to be alone we couldn’t. It just IS. 

I guess that’s not really a problem. 


6 thoughts on “The Problem with Jesus

  1. I wish I could say that I believe this message, but my experience is quite different. And before you go to the “you were never saved then” argument please remember that’s not for you to know or judge.
    In my experience, I have been begging Jesus for a sign, a feeling, a little taste of a Gideon like answer. Even after five years, I find nothing. It happens. Sometimes, you knock and get no answer. Sometimes you ask and there is no answer.

    1. Thank you for being honest. I’m sorry if I came across judgey. I was trying to express a feeling that I really have a difficult time expressing. I’ve had years of absence of feeling God as Close as I had sensed him in years past. I pray that you Find what you’re looking for. Everyone has a different story, but maybe your perseverance in prayer and your begging in prayer show that you really truly are an exemplary example of faith.

      1. You didn’t at all. Just thought I’d put that considering that’s the typical response. Thought I’d shorten the conversation.
        I hope so too, thanks the well wishing.

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