The Walk

Its easy to say that I am walking with God. That does not mean that I’m walking in faith, truth, love and obedience. It only means that I am walking with Him. 

Do you remember being young, and not wanting to yield to your parent’s direction of where to go? We would go our own way, possibly toward toys (or away from them if we didn’t want to tidy them), or in the direction of our giggling friends when we were at a friend’s pool party even though Mom or Dad had summoned us 5 times already… 

Eventually, the “let’s go” ensued which came along with the slight dragging of such child in the direction in which they were not interested in heading. 

I have done this with my own kids. I called. I called. And…finally…I drug them. “If you don’t come willingly darling, I will come nonetheless!” 

This is parenting at its most favored hour, huh?

I am still entangled with this issue. But, I’m not referring to my kids. It’s me. 

God is calling me to follow. He is patiently motioning that I make my way to His side. Sometimes I follow faithfully. Sometimes I’m too concerned with the giggles of the world toying with me and my flesh. And I do not follow. 

I am a firm believer that my choices have consequences, and whether I follow or not, certain consequences are my fate. 

A question comes to my mind. Is the Walk through life a cut and dry idea? Follow God and things will go well? Follow God and He will make doors come flying open? 

Well, He will certainly open doors. Some doors may teach lessons and some doors may seem to reveal…nothing. I’ve come to my own conclusion that if God is trying to teach me something, his lessons are going to break through eventually. I learn a lot when I mess up. Maybe too much. I really would rather make less mistakes but God refines all of us uniquely.

I come to the conclusion that the Walk with God is not about what happens. If I do truly trust that God and I are in relationship with one another then I need to let go of what happens and yield to a Hand that is guiding me. A hand with a plan that will indeed at times be incomprehensible and at times painful and harsh. A hand that Knows where it is leading, and that I, as the child walk in obedience of the unknowns. The obedience is not just in regard to choices I make, or being “Godly” but instead about being obedient to trusting that God is really leading. Trust is obedience. 

Abraham was a shining light in God’s eyes not because of any of his choices. He shone because He believed God. 

It will take a lifetime and then some for me to grasp even a kernel of this “trust”. But, for some gracious reason, God has called me. He’s called me to trust Him. And I have that to go on. I feel called to trust a God that people since the beginning of time have been trying to find. One that so many do not believe in because they cannot see Him. I don’t blame them. If I didn’t have something within me that yearns and grows and swells and burns to know more about God’s love and plans…I wouldn’t believe either. The bible could be easily blown off as another book of ancient writings and scripture that are “really cool” and “unproven” or CRAZY!! And every other God-inspired person would just be another silly person searching for meaning in life. 

My Walk as a Believer is about consciously trusting and being satisfied with the not knowing, the pain, the struggle, and the love that keeps coming down to my spirit from an unseen source. 


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