A Different Jesus

I don’t know where to begin. I find myself not blogging as much in the past months because my thoughts are so incredibly explosive and a form of mind shrapnel that cannot be discerned by any human-even myself after it has been dispersed. 🙂

I must find a way to focus my thoughts and carefully expose them!

We’ve found a new church recently. Its been about 6 months of awesomeness. I find God’s timing and direction to be very inventive this go-round. 

We are joining a Baptist church-which seems really humorous to me because I had concocted all kinds of theories (internally) about Baptist churches. 

Well-I was wrong. This is the main reason for my post. 

This past Sunday the pastor was talking about how in 2 weeks (Feb 24) he will be talking about Jesus. 

His preaching style is very cool-to me-because he is so excited to share. He’s not a traditional “baptist preacher” WHATSOEVER. He’s a teaching pastor, and he’s really excited to unpack what the bible means while applying it to today/life. 

So, the message he’s excited to share Feb. 24th is about who Jesus really is. What the bible says about Jesus. 

For us Christians, the bible is some of the oldest holy scripture (as well as the dead sea scrolls!)  that has been found therefore making it very crucial to our faith. What the bible says about Jesus is really all we know, so we WANT to know!

The pastor is aiming to reach the hearts of those who don’t know who Jesus really is, because the world we’re living in has concocted a totally different Jesus-one that is offensive to the world. 

Its unfortunate that humans are the reason for this, especially humans that have faith in Jesus Christ-but…this is how we roll, right?! We mess up along the way of trying to do the “right” thing. Mostly, because we let ourselves get in the way and forget God was the goal. 


Well, we’re always going to be dealing with this issue, but that doesn’t mean that people who *want* to know who God is and what Jesus is all about should get the crap end of the deal. 

That’s simply not fair. 

IN a nutshell, I’m trying to say…to those who think there’s more and just don’t know who to turn to, ask or most of all…trust…I hear you. 

All I can say is to ask God to show you-and I promise you HE WILL.

And don’t cancel out the validity that Jesus Christ is somebody just because some people are conveying the wrong message. 

I try to tell others that have run into this Jesus problem that it isn’t God’s fault. Why turn away from knowing SomeOne because of what a flawed person did? God isn’t flawed. And if you want to know Him, I assure you…you will. 


Peace and love to you and yours. 


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