Just keep swimming

As a mother of 4, I have undoubtedly seen the world famous, Disney Pixar animated Finding Nemo. Oh how I love this movie for 10 thousand reasons, but in this moment for Dorey’s always positive outlook. Just keep swimming…Just keep swimming…swimming swimming. 

Sometimes my life needs to hear this little phrase. Does yours?

Whether we are going through real life issues with people we love, or even worse, people we don’t love..or whether we are going through the ups and downs of just being a human roaming around life-we all sometimes need to hear “just keep swimming”.

The bible verses that I’ve been seeing lately are constant reminders from God saying, “Hey-I’m here. I have everything under control if you will only trust that I do.”

Why is that the hardest part? It really is the hardest part. We, who call ourselves believers in God, “say” we trust Him. But, if we really 100%, through and through trusted God, we sure as heck wouldn’t behave the way we do. We would take a pill and chill.

Trust is hard for us. Especially in a God that we don’t see, and a God that a lot of human science is trying to tell us does not exist.

The bible, in the very beginning, after explaining that God created everything and that it was good (hard for some “believers” to believe because science has picked everything apart in a way that makes people that believe that God was the creator of what they are picking apart and finding, seem like dummies) was followed up by a huge problem. 

Humans were duped into sin by sin’s president, Evil-or whatever adversarial role you’d like to label it/him/her with. 

So, there. From the beginning, we have been cautious about trusting because of the evil that entered our lives from the…beginning. 

This brings up an interesting point and stance. Good and Evil. Are you evident?

If we indeed DO believe in God and Jesus as our Savior-wouldn’t these two be pretty obvious to us? The evil should be like a virus to us. Causing aches and pains until we get it out of our systems, whereas good should induce a feeling of peace and contentment. 

Hmmm. Interesting. 

But, I also recall reading Jesus say that in this world, we will have terrible troubles, but that we should take heart because he has overcome the world. So, there is an end in sight, but it will not be on this side of heaven. 

Double hmmmm. 

These are interesting things to ponder. I will go ahead and insert that the bible doesn’t say anything about our lives being only good and only peaceful. It does say that we should DO only good and that God will give us His peace that surpasses all understanding. 

I’m stumped, but……

I’m choosing to trust in God today and every day of my life..to just keep swimming until these things become clear to me. 

I can do this because I HAVE experienced the peace that surpasses all my understanding before. It did not stay..it comes and goes. It is in my spirit and it shows up EXACTLY when I need it. So, until it arrives again…

I’ll just keep swimming. 

I hope you will too. 



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